UWBV Branding Guidelines

The UWBV values its relationship with partner agencies, companies and organizations and recognizes that together we can extend our individual capacity to bring the community together to find solutions that change lives. Accordingly, the UWBV believes that co-branding with organization is critical to the success of our collective efforts:  it serves to strengthen our communications, our community outreach and the success of our respective philanthropic efforts within the community. In recognition of the value and strength of co-branding, the following elements outline the expectations of organizations wishing to co-brand with UWBV:
Logo Guidelines
  • The logo that should be used consistently is the four-color UWBV logo with the local identifier and LIVE UNITED tagline.  It should be placed on the right hand side ensuring a consistent presentation.
  • Special consideration will be given when the UWBV logo appears within a series of corresponding logos of funding partners.  In this situation, the UWBV logo should appear in direct relation to the size of the other partner logos.  
  • Never attempt to redraw or rescale the UWBV logo or add other graphic elements to its presentation. Do not extract any of the graphic elements contained in the UWBV logo to use separately. We must use the registered trademark symbol (TM) with the brand mark to ensure our legal rights are protected. Always display the registered trademark symbol (TM) in the position indicated.
  • The one-color UWBV logo can be printed in either black or Pantone 287 blue. The one-color UWBV logo may not be reproduced in any other color.
  • The one-color (black or Pantone 287 blue) UWBV logo should never appear on a website, four-color brochure or any other application where a full-color logo is appropriate.
  • To ensure the integrity of the UWBV logo, do not reduce its width to less than .75 inches for print or special usage, and 90 pixels or 1.25 inches for screen applications.
  • The special usage UWBV logo is used when printing on colored surfaces, or screening of inks is not possible. This may occur when reproducing on plastic, glass, metal, fabric or other materials used for merchandise or signage. For printed materials, these brand marks may only be used when the method of reproduction is faxing and photocopying or the surface of the paper is a color other than white. For example, this may occur when printing a black & white laser print on blue paper. When printing on white paper, the full-color or one-color UWBV logo should be used at all times.
Organizations may utilize one of these UWBV logos:
  • Four-Color
  • One-Color
  • Black or Pantone 287 Blue
  • Special Usage
Commitment of UWBV to Co-Brand with Community Impact Grant funded Partner Agency:
In an effort to strengthen its relationship with Partner Agency, the UWBV will co-brand with Partner Agency.   Accordingly, the names and/or logos of Partner Agency will appear as follows:
1. Recognized in locally produced brochures and videos developed for annual UWBV campaign 
2. UWBV website with a direct link to the Partner Agency’s website, if applicable
3. UWBV Annual Report (as appropriate to the communication media)
4. UWBV printed and electronic newsletters, as applicable
5. Social media sites
Expectations of UWBV Community Impact Grant funded Partner Agency:  
UWBV Logo will appear on:  
1. UWBV window decal will be placed on all facilities of UWBV Partner Agency 
2. Partner Agency’s website with link  to UWBV website [http://www.uwbv.org]
3. Annual Report  [front or back cover]
4. Printed (front or back page) and electronic newsletters 
5. All UWBV funded, locally initiated agency publications - program and activity related  [front or back page/cover]