Leadership Giving Society

United Way of the Brazos Valley’s Leadership donors strengthen our community through a significant investment of $1,000 or more annually.  Our success depends on our community working together to change lives and create lasting results. Leadership givers form the foundation of that success. Their contribution inspires hope and opportunities to our neighbors and friends in need and solidifies our ability to build a stronger community.  

When you give a leadership gift, you have a significant impact on our ability to advance our Community Bold Goals. Your leadership giving contribution can be combined with a household member, given as a one-time gift, or given through payroll deduction.  To discuss your intended gift, please contact Eleesha Blackwell, Director of Resource Development at 979.696.4483 x118 or eblackwell@uwbv.org

With special appreciation, we wish to acknowledge our 2015 Community Campaign Leadership Givers:

Michael Ashfield   |   Alsie J. Bond   |   Kimberly R. Bridges   |   Sharon Brown-Hickle   |   Timothy N. Bryan   |   Breaux Daniel   |   Chad Donner  

Julius Dunlap   |   Deborah K. Eller   |   John A. Flynn, III   |   Molly C. Georgiades   |   Zay W. Gillbreath   |   Charles R. Gilman   

Celia Goode-Haddock   |   Janet H. Handley   |    Ashok Henon   |   Lynda K. Lipscomb   |   William H. Marlow   |   Jeffery A. Mason

Karen McCarroll   |   Jim McCord   |   Jeannie McGuire   |   Jeff McMillian   |   Cal McNeill   |   John & Carol P. Nichols   |   Ivan Olson

Richard & Barbara Orville   |   Bookman & Florence Peters   |   Stephen & Alison Prince   |   General Joe. Ramirez, Jr.   |   Nora Thompson

Frank Thurmond    |   Brad Wade   |   Rand & Doris Watson   |   Rex N. Woods   |   Eric R. Wylie   |   Marvin & Annette Lee Foundation

As the local campaign manager, United Way of the Brazos Valley leads the efforts for the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC).  This effort is the only opportunity state employees have to make a contribution to nonprofit organization through payroll deduction.  Donations are designated to the organization of choice by each donor once the organization has successfully been vetted through a review process conducted by the Local Employee Committee.  

With special appreciation, we wish to acknowledge the 2015 SECC Leadership Givers:

Elton D. Abbott, Jr.   |   Glenn Agnolet   |   Teresa L. Bass    |   Fuller W. Bazer   |   Micheal J. Benedik   |   Carol D. Binzer   |   Anne T. Black

Lorence Bravenec   |   Nancy G. Burford   |   Karen L. Butler-Purry   |   Pierce E. Cantrell, Jr.   |   Mary N. Cearley   |   Walter E. Cook

Donald J. Darensbourg   |   Marcetta Darensbourg   |    Nancy J. Dickey   |   Lorraine A. Eden   |   Sarah R. Edwards   |   William J. Faber

Albert L. Ford   |   Edward Fry   |   Juan E. Garza   |   Janet U. Gordon   |   Julie R. Grinde   |   Jeffery D. Hart   |   Charles F. Hermann

*Mary E. Hilderbrand   |   Lesa K. Hill   |   *James C. Hu   |   Rex E. Janne   |   Julia A. Johns   |   *Valen E. Johnson   |   John E. Killough

Andrew G. Klien   |   Myong P. Ledesma   |   Michael T. Longnecker   |   Mary L. McAnally   |   Robert B. McGeachin   |   Daniel I. Menchaca

Gretchen R. Miller   |   Paula B. Moses   |   Andrew S. Natsios   |   Donald G. Naugle   |   Mark I. Ojah   |   Joseph P. Pettibon, II

*William Pride   |   Darby M. Roberts   |   Kathleen A. Roblyer   |   Harvey M. Scott   |   Stephen W. Searcy   |   Deborah A. Siegele   

Hung-Jue Su   |   William J. Taylor   |   Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni   |   Mark E. Troy   |   Cindy L. Wall   |   Karan L. Watson   |   John D. Watt  

Constance D. Weaver   |   *Thomas E. Wehrly   |   Emily Wilson   |   *Richard W. Woodman   |   Chad Wootton       |   Deborah G. Wright

Penny J. Zent   |   Debora L. Zoran

* Indicates donors whose designation benefits United Way of the Brazos Valley.  Thank you for your support.

This list does not reflect those who wished their gift to remain anonymous.